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Monday, March 27, 2006

Hawaii Images and Maps at PanoramicEarth

Panoramic Earth contains interactive maps linked to panoramic images of cities and travel destinations around the world. The tours run in Java, with an indicator on the map to show where you are, and which direction you are facing as you view the images. Most of the current collection covers European destinations, including a tour of London with over 100 images. The technique has also been applied to entire islands, like Mallorca, and a number of Alpine ski resorts.

Outside of Europe, Hawaii Island is also well featured with another 100+ image tour, providing very comprehensive coverage around the island. Being Hawaii Island, the Volcanoes National Park was not left out. Many of the lava flows and craters within the Park and along Chain of Craters Road can be seen, right down to the coastline where lava was entering the sea at the time.

Screenshot from
Take a tour at PanoramicEarth.

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