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Topo Maps & Aerial Photos

topography map air photo

Unlimited USGS Topo Maps and Aerial Photos Only $29.95/year

How would you like to have unlimited online access to view, print, save, email and customize as many USGS topo maps and high resolution aerial photos as you want for anywhere in the United States for one full year? You can have all of that for only $29.95 - about the price of two topo maps or one aerial photo. (Alaska and Hawaii topo maps are included but photos for those two states are not available.)

View, Print, Customize, Email & Save
as many topo maps and aerial photos
as you want.

Only $29.95/year

Now you can print perfectly matched map/photo pairs that will instantly improve your navigation ability - photos have LOTS of information that is not shown on any map (compare the map/photo pair above). Subscribe now and create a personal library of maps and photos for all of the places you work or enjoy the outdoors. Our easy-to-use tools will allow you to customize your maps and photos with text / symbols, estimate GPS coordinates, mark waypoints, estimate areas / distances and email maps to friends.

This online mapping service, known as "MapCard", has been honored with Backpacker Magazine's Editor's Choice Award for the "Best New Product of 2003."

Backpackers's Own Words about MapCard

"The best one-stop map shop we've seen is as close as your home, fast and easy..... will save you fistfuls of cash, put millions of acres of wilderness at your fingertips and let you quickly annotate your maps with the best online tools we've seen."

Below is a screenshot showing MapCard's easy-to-use controls... just click a button to switch between Aerial photographs, topography maps and Land-Use Maps. Also, notice how one click can move your view between ten different zoom levels - you can set the scale from a regional view of 1:5,000,000 up to a backyard-snooping 1:6,000.

Once you get zoomed in on the area that you want - just press the "Print this Map" button and the map will be sent to your printer. You can also use other tools to save the map, email it to a friend or download it to your computer. The map at the top of this page is an example of what would be produced by pressing the "Print this Map" button at 1:12,000 scale for the area shown in the screenshot above - printed on 8.5" x 11" paper.

You can also print a matching aerial photo of the same location at the same scale. To do that just change the selection button from "Topo Map" to "Aerial Photo" and press the print button - that's all you need to do.

(Aerial photographs frequently show many important structures and features that are not shown on the USGS maps - and which could be very important to your navigation or work. All of MapCard's aerial photographs are from the USGS archive and were taken between 1990 and 2002 so in many instances they will be more recent than any USGS map. In my opinion, recent aerial photography, matched precisely to the maps, is the most important advantage that MapCard offers over the most popular mapping software. If you use USGS topographic maps without recent aerial photographs you are in the field with only 1/2 of the tools - think about how many times you have looked at your map and wished for more information - photographs show vegetation, fence lines, roads, trails, structures and terrain features that do not appear on any map. Compare the map and photo above and you will see that the information difference is huge. In most areas aerial photographs will instantly improve your ability to navigate.)

MapCard is a great tool for hunting, hiking, fishing and other outdoor sports but don't limit your use to the forest and lake. You can also use it to obtain and share photographs of real estate, favorite places, your family's farm or your hometown. Here's a photo looking right down into Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh - home of the Pirates and Steelers.

Surprise your uncle by emailing him an aerial photo of his farm. Print your brother a map/photo pair of his favorite hunting area. Email your camping partners a map showing where you will meet next weekend.

I have used all of the most popular topographic software for fieldwork and fun and here are the most important advantages that I find in MapCard...
1) aerial photographs matched precisely to the maps

2) costs less than any software and you get all upgrades instantly

3) extremely easy to use - almost like there is nothing to learn

4) the best map printing tool - even puts a scale bar on the maps

5) very easy to share maps with friends by email

6) you can easily save your custom maps for future use

TERMS OF SALE: You will have immediate access to the service as soon as your purchase is completed. There are no postage and handling fees to pay on this transaction. Only $29.95 for all of the maps and aerial photographs that you want for one full year. Purchase your MapCard today!

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